Marketing —Essence versus Attribute

 Everyone has a different definition for marketing. That is justifiable because each one sees marketing through blinkers. However the one realistic definition I got on marketing was without blinkers and it was this. “Marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product fits him and sells him.” Now that is the most brilliant dentition on the face of the earth.

Now that we know what marketing is let us see what is marketing not about. One will be shocked with answers. Marketing is not about sales, advertising, public relations, branding, and management, communicating and networking. If it is not about this then what is it?

One must remember that the above that is mentioned is just the means to meet one’s ends. The idea then is to think essence and not attribute. Being active and with continuous effort to deliver the product to the customer is the essence of marketing where as marketing is just the means to the end and that is attribute. One can look at this in another way that an attribute is a part of the puzzle and not the puzzle itself.

Marketing is a very powerful tool and serves two purposes. One is that sustains revenue and the other that grow market share. Most companies think that without marketing sales will come in  However when sales gets tough marketing people think first of downsizing rather than finding the root cause of the problem. Companies must realize that marketing is both one’s defense and offense to help grow and sustain in the ever growing market.

The saying in the market is very common that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Marketing says that when things are tough one must expand and not contract. That's why it's pivotal to have a reputable Marketing Consultant assisting your campaign.

When the competitors decrease advertising one must increase it. When the competition is trying to weather the storm; that is the time to rise with renewed determination. One must understand that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

 Marketing teaches one to read between the lines and not on the lines. In this way one will actually see without blinkers as I had mentioned before. One must see the opportunity and strike. What better example can there be of that about the salesman of a shoe company.

Two men were sent to Africa to scout around and find the scope of selling shoes over there. Both reached Africa and on the next day went into the market but in two different directions. By sunset each of them had to send a fax to head office regarding their days work. One of the sales people sent this fax which read “No one wear s shoes. There is no scope here. Hence I am leaving back to base town tomorrow.” The other sales person sent the following fax” No one wears shoes. There is immense scope for our sales. Will not return till target is achieved” Two different approaches to the same problem. That is why marketing is for the dynamic and not for the weak hearted.